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How to Evaluate Charities in Columbus, Dayton, Lancaster & Throughout Central Ohio – NKS Offers Donors Many Benefits

Charities in OhioUnfortunately, not all charities are created equal. While many have good intentions, not every organization caters to its donors like National Kidney Services (NKS). We pride ourselves on making the donation process as convenient as possible for you, which is why we’ve established a system of donation drop boxes, donation locations, and a donation pick up service throughout Columbus and surrounding areas.

To add your name and phone number to our regular donation call list, simply call 614-351-2900 or fill out our online form. We will inform you when donation pickups are being scheduled in your neighborhood. The donation pick up service is easy and free, and all collections are made by reliable, professional drivers. You can also make a donation drop off at Columbus area Ohio Thrift locations or any NKS donation drop box.

In addition to our wide range of pick up and drop off services, NKS stands out from other local and national charities in the following ways:

  • Location – NKS is a Columbus area charity that gives proceeds from your donated items to the National Kidney Foundation of Ohio. You can rest assured that your generosity is going straight to local programs and statewide initiatives to fight the battle against kidney disease.
  • Territory – Many charities don’t offer pick up service. Our donation pick up services cover a large territory, from Columbus to Dayton. You can donate to NKS from wherever you live in Central Ohio.
  • Reliability – Unlike many other charities, we keep our word. If we’re scheduled to arrive at your home or office on a certain day, you can rest assured that we’ll be there to collect your generously donated goods.

If you would like more information about these charities – National Kidney Services and the National Kidney Foundation of Ohio – or have questions about donation locations or how to donate, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.