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A Columbus Area Charity Needs Clothing and Household Items to Support Kidney Disease Awareness Programs

Charity Clothing ColumbusGive to a Columbus area charity by collecting clothing and household items that you no longer use and donating them to National Kidney Services (NKS). We’re proud to work closely with the National Kidney Foundation to help support programs that increase awareness about the prevalence of kidney disease in Ohio and throughout the nation. From organ donor programs to research initiatives, there are a variety of ways that your donations could help fight the battle against this debilitating illness.

Below are just a few ways that you can spread the word throughout your community about our charity and how easy it is to donate clothing and used household items:

  • Ask members of your family to look through their closets for garments they haven’t worn in over a year. Our charity accepts a wide variety of clothing, from coats and outerwear to formal wear and professional clothes.
  • Tell your coworkers about NKS and our mission to sustain kidney disease education programs. Encourage each employee to bring in one or two pieces of clothing to donate and NKS will come right to your office and collect the contributions.
  • Keep NKS in mind the next time you host or attend a garage sale, community sale, or estate sale. NKS offers special Saturday pick up for the unsold items, and we can even leave a trailer on the premises so that you can load the donations at your own pace.

Charitable giving is easy with so many ways to make a donation. It’s no wonder that NKS is the organization that Columbus residents turn to time and time again when they want to donate to a worthy cause. Just call 614-351-2900 or sign up online to add your name to our regular donation call list and a representative will contact you when pickups are being made in your area. You can also drop your donations off by bringing them to any Ohio Thrift store in the Columbus area.