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Donate Your Old Computer – Free Pickup in Columbus, Delaware, Springfield & Surrounding Areas

Donate Old Computer ColumbusIt’s convenient and rewarding to donate your old computer to National Kidney Services (NKS). Your contribution is not only tax deductible*, but the proceeds from your computer will be donated directly to the National Kidney Foundation, which is a non-profit health organization committed to reducing the prevalence of chronic kidney disease throughout Ohio. So whether you live in Columbus, Delaware, Springfield, or any of the surrounding communities in Central Ohio, your donation to NKS supports statewide efforts to improve kidney disease research, prevention, and public education.

When you donate your old computer to our charity, you can take advantage of our free donation pickup service. Call NKS at 614-351-2900 or sign up online to add your name and phone number to our regular donation contact list. Our office accepts calls Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., and we will notify you when we are collecting donations in your neighborhood.

You can also donate used computers and other electronics, in addition to TVs, CDs, DVDs, clothes, books, toys, small furniture, housewares, and more, by dropping them off at any Ohio Thrift store near you. These local businesses have partnered with NKS to accept donations on our behalf, and we’d like to thank them and all of the other companies in our community who support our efforts to fight kidney disease.

*To the fullest extent allowed by law