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Donate Your Prom Dress – Free Pickup Service in Columbus, Dayton & Delaware, OH

Donate Prom Dress ColumbusNational Kidney Services (NKS) encourages you to donate your used prom dress to our Columbus area charity. You can make this special garment even more special by knowing that you put it to good use instead of letting it sit in a closet. The proceeds generated from your donated prom dress will go to the National Kidney Foundation and its fight against chronic kidney disease. You contribution is tax deductible*, and you’ll be making your second-hand dress available for someone who may not have the means to buy a new dress.

Other ways to donate prom dresses include:

  • Organize an end-of-the-year prom dress donation drive at your school.
  • Host a used prom dress sale with some of your friends and donate any unsold frocks.
  • Encourage local dress shops to donate their overstock or last season’s dresses.

If you need help estimating the value of your donated prom dress for tax* purposes, please use our online valuation guide or refer to the IRS guidelines. If you drop off your dress at one of our donation drop boxes, you can request that a donation receipt be mailed to you. You can also obtain a donation receipt when you bring your donated dress to any Ohio Thrift store.

NKS proudly serves residents of Columbus, Dayton, Delaware, Springfield, Lancaster, and the surrounding communities. In addition to prom dresses, we accept suits, wedding dresses, all formal wear, professional clothes, outerwear, casual clothing, housewares, electronics, small appliances, and a wide variety of other used items.

*To the fullest extent allowed by law