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Donate Your Wedding Dress to Our Charity in Columbus, Ohio

Donate Wedding Dress ColumbusDonate your used wedding dress after the special day and help our Columbus area charity lend support to valuable kidney disease awareness and prevention programs throughout Ohio. National Kidney Services (NKS) works with the National Kidney Foundation to reduce the prevalence of this debilitating illness. All of the proceeds generated from your wedding dress donation, or your donation of other used clothes and household items, goes directly to this non-profit health organization.

Not only can you donate your wedding dress to our charity, but there are many other ways to reduce waste and do some good deeds both before and after your wedding. Consider:

  • Donating used bridesmaids’ dresses to NKS
  • Giving flowers to local hospitals or nursing homes after the ceremony
  • Taking leftover food from the reception to local food banks or homeless shelters
  • Donating wedding decorations and extra party favors to NKS
  • Printing your wedding invitations on recycled or plantable paper
  • Asking guests to make charitable donations in your name instead of giving material gifts

NKS offers a free donation pickup service for our donors throughout Columbus, Springfield, Lancaster, Dayton, and other communities in Central Ohio. Call us at 614-351-2900 or sign up online to be added to our pickup schedule, or request an expedited pickup if you need your donations collected in one week or less. You can also donate your wedding dress, prom dress, formal wear, and other tax-deductible* donations by dropping them off at any Ohio Thrift store.

*To the fullest extent allowed by law