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Donation Pick Up Service in Charlotte & Beyond Makes Donating Convenient

Donation Pick Up in CharlotteDonation pick up service in Charlotte and surrounding areas is just one way that National Kidney Services (NKS) stands out from other local charities. We know that your hectic life doesn’t always permit you to make a donation drop off, which is why we’ve organized an efficient and reliable donation pick up service that allows you to give generously from the comfort of your home or office.

Whether you’re in Statesville, York, Lancaster, Ballantyne, Mint Hill, or beyond, donating to NKS is easy because our trucks come right to your neighborhood every four to six weeks, which means all you have to do is call or fill out our online form to add your name to our donation call list, gather your donations of used clothing and household items, and put them outside on the day of your scheduled pick up. No driving, no going out of your way to find a donation center, and no stress about whether your donations have gone to a worthy charity. NKS offers the following types of donation pick up services so that you never again have to wonder where to donate or how to donate:

  • Regularly scheduled pick ups – a standard pick up can take place Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to dark, to donate clothes and other items.
  • Large item pick ups – a special pick up can be scheduled for large furniture or heavy items that require two drivers to lift. Saturday pick ups available.
  • Expedited pick ups – in the event that you need your donations picked up in one week or less, NKS offers our donors the option of an expedited pick up.
  • Garage sale pick ups – NKS gladly welcomes the unsold items from garage sales and community sales.  Special Saturday pick ups available.
  • Office pick ups – office donation drives or used office equipment and furniture make excellent charity donations. Special Saturday pick ups available.

National Kidney Services donates proceeds generated from your donation of used clothing and household items into valuable funding for the National Kidney Foundation, a nonprofit health organization that devotes 78 percent of its funds to patient programs and prevention initiatives. Giving to NKS is the perfect way to donate locally and help nationally. Contact us for more information about our charity.