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NKS Makes it Easy to Get a Receipt for your Donation in Columbus, Lancaster, Dayton, or Elsewhere in Central Ohio

Donation Receipt ColumbusObtain a receipt for your donation to National Kidney Services (NKS) from any of our donation drop-off locations or from any of our drivers that make donation pickups throughout the Central Ohio area. While NKS is not permitted to determine a dollar value for your donations of used clothing and housewares, you can use this receipt to document what you estimate the value of your donations to be for tax purposes*. If you need assistance, you can refer to our online valuation guide, or you can look at what similar items cost at local thrift stores.

Not only are you reaping tax benefits* when you give to our charitable organization, but you’re also helping us to support the National Kidney Foundation and their efforts to provide:

  • Free kidney screenings and blood pressure tests
  • Programs for continuing education to medical professionals
  • Free educational literature for kidney disease patients
  • Expanded legislation for kidney disease prevention efforts
  • And much more

NKS accepts a wide variety of used items as donations, including men’s, women’s, and children’s clothes, books, toys, small appliances, small pieces of furniture, electronics, CDs, DVDs, jewelry, shoes, antiques, decorative items, cookware, dishes, and more. We offer free donation pickup service to our donors throughout Central Ohio, and all you need to do to add your name and phone to our contact list is call or sign up online. We have also partnered with local Ohio Thrift stores so that you can drop off your donations to NKS at these locations.

*To the fullest extent allowed by law